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We Did A Little Something

Volunteering to sew masks for Michael Garron Hospital & St. Michael's Hospital - 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic chaos, GRID wanted to be a helping hand in the Toronto community. We thought, what better way to put our passion for fashion and sewing skills to good use? We jumped on the opportunity without question.

We stumbled upon an opportunity through Ryerson Fashion to volunteer to make non-medical masks for Michael Garron Hospital & St. Michaels Hospital. This remarkable project taking place across Canada, aimed to make 4000 masks in 4 weeks as a way to assist in the lack of PPE in hospitals for frontline staff. Each mask takes approximately 20 minutes to complete from start to finish. We initially took delivery of material for 50 masks and completed them in 4 days. After successfully completing our first batch of masks and delivering them to both hospitals, we requested delivery of more material.

This has been an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience and we will continue to volunteer as long as the demand for masks is present.

As a community, lets work together to flatten the curve and do our part. 



  • Wow! So proud of you. This is amazing. Can’t wait to read more blog posts from you! ❤️

  • That’s amazing thank you GRID for contributing during the pandemic ❤️


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